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1) Connect students to the right resources at the right time
2) Fill resource gaps by identifying gaps in student needs and advocating with agents to fill them
3) Work with resource providers to provide feedback/data

We have met with stakeholders across the campus to gather feedback: Student Affairs, Campus D&I, ASUC, Basic Needs Center, LEAD Center, to the Asian Pacific American Student Development Office.

Leaders across the campus have helped us grow and refine our service to the campus. If you are interested in providing feedback and helping us grow please contact us at

We do not advise students, we bring students to your door step. All resource providers on campus provide phenomenal work and we want more students to know about those services. Our goal is to refer students to the help desk or community spaces most relevant in solving their issue.

You can reach us at if you have any questions.

Resources and Data

We conduct extensive research and feedback gathering from students from doing one-on-one interviews with students to collecting feedback surveys regularly.

Our team has been able to build a response-system that allows us to respond to cases without viewing the email address attached to your case to ensure your privacy.

We also recognize the sensitivity of the help you are asking so any and all data we collect is dissociated from your name and email address.

When we receive cases in which no resources exist we are able to work with agents who can make change and create resources (ASUC, Campus admin) to ensure gaps are filled.

If we see an increase in cases in a specific area we try to investigate the root cause of the problem and inform relevant stakeholders about these trends.

We have three key measures to ensure quality: we conduct detailed documentation of every resource we provide to students, we meet regularly with resource providers to understand the scope of their service, we have a three-person vetting process for every case, and we have core resources providers we go to when we do not have the answer.

Resources providers help us better direct students to the right resources at the right time, and we also share trend data with resource providers when relevant.

This will vary based on a case-by-case basis. We make it clear in our form that we offer non-crisis support, and only refer people to resources.

In most events in which the situation involves harm or violence we will refer them to UC Berkeley's Center for Support & Intervention as per campus recommendation.

Email your resource to!

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